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Why do Chow Dogs have Purple Tongues

Chow Chow is special breed in term of many aspects. It has different tongue color than most other dogs and very protective. It could be a very nice dog if raised and socialized properly.

What color is Chow’s tongue

Most peoples see purple color but other reported it is bluish or blue black color.

Why chows have purple color

It is quite hard to answer but it probably was happen from how Chow Chow life in the past. The purple color was believed from pigment which created due to foods and environment. There is no real answer for Why is a Chows Tongue Purple.

Other dogs with purple tongue

Beside Chow Chow, Shar-Pei is well known for having Purple tongue. There is a theory which stated Shar-Pei and Chow Chow is the original breeds of all other dog breeds. Both Chow-Chow and Shar-Pei are old types dog which have been proven from the DNA test. However, a theory is just a theory. It maybe true but sometimes it is false.

Do any dog with purple tongue is Chow Chow

Quite possibly not. There are lots of purebred dogs which able to develop black spots on their tongues. Few examples of them are Akita, Tibetan Mastiff, Cocker Spaniel, Golden Retriever, Bichon Frise, Doberman, Airedale, and some others. So if you see your dog has black spot on his tongue, don’t panic. it doesn’t mean it is Chow Chow. As an example, if your dog is a full blooded Labrador and he starts developing black spots on his tongue, this does not mean he is part of Chow Chow; he is not. This is absolutely normal and should be ignored.

Purple Chow Chow dog tongue
Chow Chow with purple tongue

Dog originated from Chow Chow

We have discussed about any other dogs which have purple or black spots in their tongue. We may ask why it is possible? Is the dog Chow Chow or purebred from another dogs? Well, the answer is simple. The dog could be originated from Chow Chow long time ago. So, if you go to local animal shelter and find puppies with black spots in their tongues, it is possibly they were originated from Chow Chow long times ago.

Do Chow Chow always have purple tongue

It is believed all chow chow has purple tongue. It is a unique characteristic of Chow Chow. Even dogs which originated from Chow Chow have purple tongue or at least black spot in their tongues. Chow Chow is agile and protective dog which could be easily identified from their tongue. They are strong and always loyal with their master. Always make sure to socialize Chow Chow properly to keep it as friendly as possible.

Review Overview

Chow Chow has unique characteristic
All Chow Chow have purple tongue
Other dog breeds may have black spots in their tongues
Tibetan Mastiff may develop black spots in their tongues
Akita and Cocker Spaniel sometimes has black spots too
Golden Retriever and Bichon Frise could develop black spots
Doberman and Airedale is no exception
Not all dogs which have black spots in their tongue is Chow Chow
Dog originated from Chow Chow may develop black spots in their tongue

Chow Chow have Purple Tongue

Why do Chow Chow dog breed have Purple Tongues

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  1. Gian Aranda

    Good day!

    I have a question.. Why does My chow chow have a purple tongue with pink spots in it? it’s like a little spot of camouflage on the left side of the tongue. Does that mean that she’s not a pure breed?

    Hoping to hear from You soon!


    • Lexter

      Hi,I have the same problem as you. My chow chow also has a purple spots but not completely covered because it has also pink spots. Please if you know the true reason, share the answer with me. Thank you.

      Edit: I wrote the comment before the author answered the question. I think the comment has answered my question.

    • Arick

      Chow chow’s tongue usually is pink at birth and turn into darken (blue-black) color at eight until ten weeks. The darken color may not cover the tongue completely and there could be small splashes or few spots of pink. Some chow chow may lose tongue pigment as they grow up and has pink spots in their tongues.

      If you were asking whether a chow chow with a purple tongue is pure breed or not, the answer is quite simple. Tongue color actually is not strong indication whether the dog is pure breed or not. While I believe your dog is pure breed, other may disagree. You should check the documentation or do DNA test to get the real answer.

    • Roxi

      My chow (12 weeks old) is losing hair/fur on the top of his head. He looks like he’s getting bald. What should I do? Is it temporary? Do they shed at puppy stage? Help me please. You might have a simple remedy before I take him to vet.

  2. Amy S.

    Sometimes I wonder what kind of breed my dog is but after reading this page I am certain my dog is from Chow Chow breed. I even got the answer why are chow chows tongues change to darken blue from this page too. Thanks

    • Arick

      I am glad this page could help you.

  3. Marie

    I think I now understand why chow chow has blue tongue. 🙂

    • Arick

      I am glad to hear that. 🙂

  4. Roby

    I own black chow dog which has purple tongue and I really love it.

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