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Dog health

Like most other purebred dogs, the Chow Chow is susceptible to specific health conditions and diseases. Many of these conditions can be caused by environmental factors, but genetic predispositions play a large role also. The articles contained in this section will explain the diseases, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of Chow Chow related health problems. You will find information on diseases such as diabetes mellitus, gastric cancer, glaucoma, hip dysplasia, lymphoma, fleas, skin melanoma and much more!

Juvenile Cataracts in Dogs

Little Puppy

Like another animal in this world, Dog is not always immune to all disease. One of bad disease which may attack our lovely dog is Juvenile Cataracts. Sad but true, our pet is susceptible to this disease. What is Juvenile Cataracts? Juvenile Cataracts is a condition in which our lovely dog unable to see things clearly. It is a disease …

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Canine Glaucoma in Dog

Chow Chow Dog

Canine glaucoma occurs when there is increased pressure within the eye. This pressure is the result of a build-up of aqueous humor, an intraocular fluid. In healthy dogs, this fluid drains through a circular filter where the white sclera and clear cornea meet; this junction is known as the iridocorneal angle. However, in a dog with glaucoma, the filter has …

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Entropion Genetic Diseases

Genetic disease Entropion

Entropion is a medical condition that occurs when the eyelid edges turn inward towards the eyeball instead of outward. This is a condition that usually occurs within the first six months of life but can become present later in life following other eye changes in the dog. The condition usually affects only the lower eyelid and entropion is considered to …

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Juvenile Cataracts in Chow Chows

Chow Chow Dog Cataract

Juvenile cataracts are a common problem among many breeds of dogs, including Chows. Cataracts can be caused by heredity, toxins, trauma, infection, or diabetes. Breeders can eradicate the chances of juvenile cataracts by having both parents tested within one year of breeding. There are two types of juvenile cataracts which are of the dissolving or non-dissolving type. Cataracts of the …

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Supplements every Chow Chow Should Take

Chow Chows bark a lot

Experts in the dog world are torn as to whether or not dogs need supplements, but more and more vets are agreeing there are some supplements every dog can benefit from taking; and the Chow Chow is no stranger to this rule. The following information will provide you with five supplements every Chow Chow should take regularly. Multi-vitamin In the …

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