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Fun Tricks to Teach your Dog

Chow Chow puppy dog
Cute Chow Chow puppy

Let’s face it, one of the best reasons to own a dog is that you can teach it tricks. Sure, some breeds are easier to teach tricks to than others, for instance, a German Shepherd will learn most tricks faster than your average Chow Chow; this is not due to intelligence, as much as it is the willingness of the dog to learn. At any rate, the following is a list of fun tricks to teach your dog:

  • Bow. Teaching your dog to take a bow is a unique trick that is fairly easy to teach.
  • Play Dead. It’s always amusing when you come across a dog that knows how to play dead, what’s even better is when you can teach them to play dead when you say “BANG”.
  • Choose the right hand. This is a fun way to give your dog a treat. This is accomplished by placing a dog treat in your hand and teaching your Chow to touch the right hand with a paw.
  • Collect laundry from around the house. This is a more advanced trick, but very possible for dogs that are willing. Before you know it, you will be having your dog help pick up items from around your home!
  • Skateboarding. There are many examples of this around the internet; especially with English Bulldogs. It’s not that difficult to teach, and everyone around you will get a kick out of watching your pooch move around on a skateboard.
  • Say ‘I LOVE YOU’ or other phrases. Teaching your dog how to say phrases is very fun. One such saying that is rather easy to teach your dog is – I love you. Some dogs can learn how to say multiple phrases and words if you devote enough time to the teaching.

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