Friday , December 8 2023

Dog Training

Training a dog is not as simple as many people think. Most of the times, it requires passion and also dedication. The good news is, training dog can be fun too.

For many years, many have asked on how to train dog to be better and loyal. While training calm and good dog breed is easier, it could be harder and sometimes very hard for some kind of dog types. Chow Chow is a dog type which is not for everyone.

For aggressive and Defensive dog breed such as Chow Chow (and some dog breeds too), it require passion, dedication and good skills in helping the dog to be loyal and could easily play with other dogs.

In this page, we tried to list some training methods and tips to help dog owner overcome the problem which may arise while training their dogs.

Benefits of Crate Training

Cute Chow Dog Walking in Town Park

Aside from early and proper socialization, another thing your dog can greatly benefit from is crate training. Veterinarians and professional dog trainers have agreed for some time now that this is one of the easiest and fastest ways to mold desirable traits in your dog. What’s a Dog Crate? A dog crate can be made from collapsible metal or plastic, …

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Fun Tricks to Teach your Dog

Cute Chow Dog Walking in Town Park

Let’s face it, one of the best reasons to own a dog is that you can teach it tricks. Sure, some breeds are easier to teach tricks to than others, for instance, a German Shepherd will learn most tricks faster than your average Chow Chow; this is not due to intelligence, as much as it is the willingness of the …

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How to Clicker Train a Dog

Train your dog

All dogs can benefit from clicker training, regardless of the breed. The fact of the matter is that dogs need a duty, and they need to understand who is in control. If you begin at a young age, you can teach your Chow respect very easy; clicker training is just another tool to make the process easier – at every …

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