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Do Chows Bark A lot?

Chow Chows bark a lot
Chow Chow Puppy

One common question about the Chow Chow breed is – do they bark a lot. The answer is not simple, but most commonly, yes they bark a lot. It is important to keep in mind that the Chow breed was developed for protection reasons; because of this, they are very protective of their home and family. This alone can lead them to bark, as they will do so at anything unfamiliar or alarming to them.

Additionally, it is not unheard-of that a Chow Chow gets startled and begins barking at his or her own owner. It is common knowledge that this breed of dog does not have excellent eye-sight; this can mean Chows mistake stationary objects as threats – thus making them bark.

Though many people say Chows make excellent apartment dogs, their excessive barking is one of the drawbacks to keeping this breed in an apartment setting. Let’s face it, most Chows don’t like strangers, nor do they like to share their yard. Therefore, when they see people and things they do not like they will bark, as their way of defending their territory and chasing off intruders. Although this might not work in reality, the Chow Chow doesn’t understand that.

In the end, if you are looking for a quiet breed of dog that does not bark, then the Chow is not the dog for you. This breed was created to be a guard dog, and that is exactly what this breed does best!

Review Overview

Chow Chow barks whenever there is stranger
Chow Chow bark depend on situation
Chow Chow is typically protective dogs
Chow Chow didn't like strangers
Barking may disturb neighborhood
Train Chow Chow to bark only when needed
Chow Chow remain calm with family
Only stranger cause Chow Chow to bark

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  1. asish

    My 3 months chow-chow is not barking at all. What is the reason behind this?

    • Arick

      I couldn’t give you exact reason for it but there are quite dogs in many types which prefer not to bark no matter what we do. We should more concern on healthy and its condition rather than on its ‘barking ability’.

      Not every dog is similar. Most of them prefer to bark on anything new while others may not bark at all even to stranger. Some peoples think ‘quite dog’ as useless but in my opinion, It is a matter of personality. The bond and affection between dog and owner is the key to solve lots of things. Most dogs will bark (even the ‘quite type’), we just don’t know when will and for what reason they do that. Keep love it and someday it will do as expected.

  2. Suzanne

    I couldn’t disagree more. I am on Chow Chow number three and based on all three who have very different personalities as well, they rarely if ever bark. That’s why, to me, they make excellent guard dogs because the only time they bark is if there is danger or something to be on guard about. They are loyal, loving adorable dogs and none of them are aggressive or prone to biting as some other posts have mentioned.

    • Marylou Stansbury

      Absolutely right! I can’t believe the author said chows bark a lot. I have had 6 chows and not one of them were barker’s. They only bark when someone comes up my drive or a deer wanders into the yard. That’s one of the qualities I value most is being a quiet companion watch dog.

  3. Sonja Noone

    I have a chow chow, and I have to say, she doesn’t bark at all unless due to a curious sound from outside, or if someone shows up to my home unannounced. Any dog will bark from time to time but in my case, the rating 5/5 suggesting high likelihood to bark “a lot” is inaccurate. I am curious if any fellow Chow Chow breeders/owners can tell me if in fact their Chows do have a high tendency to bark a lot?

  4. Marc

    Ok so I’m not the only one who has a Chow that barely barks. I’ve had mine in a town house with 4 doors rate outside ours and he doesn’t acknowledge. He will grunt if someone actually walks in my door. Doesn’t even get up any more and go to the top of the stairs to see who it is. And doesn’t ever bark growl outside when dogs give him the gears. Hates skate boards though

  5. Lulu W.

    I disagree. My chow chow will only bark as a last resort. She is very well mannered. She taught herself to knock on the door when she wants to outside to potty. She is very quiet, you often don’t even notice she’s around. I know many chows as well, they all exhibit her personality traits.

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