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Do chow chows bark

The answer for the question “Do Chow Chows bark?”

If you would like to know “Do Chow Chows Bark?” This article would help you get the answer.  Chow Chows is a special dog which has different behavior than most regular dog. Chow Chows is special breed developed for protection. It barks a lot whenever there is stranger around the dog. Stranger in this term is your friends and any people that your dog is not familiar with. Don’t worry about this, if the dog was properly socialized, Chow Chows can be the best friend for people.

Relation between temperament and Bark a lot

Unlike other dogs, Chow Chows didn’t bark too much to the owner. Most of the times, it remain silent. To socialize your dog, you just need to give the dog regular brushing and combing. While doing it, make sure to let others help you. It will make the dog think if other people is not stranger. Try to overcome Heavy shedding and other serious health problems.

Chows is typical dog that need more attention. They generally laid back dogs and do not bark as often as other dogs do. Sometimes it make other squeaks’ noises and whines. While some people think Chows is not friendly dog, actually it depend on each treatment. If it socialized and trained properly, the dog will be great pet.

Train and make Chow Chows as best dog for everyone

When it was puppy, owner should bring it to any places with so much peoples. It will make the dog aware of the situation and familiar with all people. Bring the dog to local park and play with it. At first, it may didn’t like other peoples and creatures but the behavior will change over times.

Chow Chows is guard dog that will always bark to any stranger. This is what make it not sufficient as ‘apartments dog’. They bark to warn the intruder not to enter their territory. Unlike other dog which keep barking till the stranger decide to walk away, Chows will push the peoples to leave their area immediately.

Conclusion on Why Chows bark a lot

Do Chows bark a lot? It depend on situation. The dog only bark whenever there is stranger in the area. The dog will treat most people as stranger so it will bark often. When there is no stranger/threats, Chows will remain silent and calm. It is nice dog after all. What make it different is the dedication to train it to be good friend for human. Think of it just like other creature. If we raise and love it properly, surely it will be our best friend.

Do Chows Bark

Chow Chow is good guard dog
Chow Chow always bark at stranger
It bark to warn intruder
It bark to push intruder leave their territory
It keep barking to any stranger
It will push stranger out of their area
Chow Chow may not bark as often as other dogs
It just need socialization
It need proper training
It become friendly dog if socialized and trained properly

Chows Bark

Chow Chow is guard dog that will always bark at any stranger around them. They bark to warn intruder to leave their territory as fast as possible.

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  1. Sparks

    The question about Chow’s vocal habits amuses me. Having enjoyed several over the years, I can confidently assert that Chows rarely bark – except when they should. They are most often happily independent and curious, but not particularly aggressive. They are excellent protectors; mine have always traveled with me and accompanied me after dark. They bark when unfamiliar humans cross your property line or ring the bell. If a stranger attempts subterfuge to trespass, your Chow will become watchful and take an impressive stance from which to launch intimidating discouragement of wrongful access to you, your loved ones, your home, your other pets … even your vehicles.

    • Rifai

      I clearly understand about your opinion. I do agree Chow Chow only bark whenever they meet stranger whom trying to cross the line. For the question “Do chow bark a lot?” I would say “It depend on situation. In most situation, Chows will remain calm and almost never bark”.
      Your last sentence is what make me smile. Chows is great guardian that will protect and accompany us whenever we leave.

  2. tess

    I have a chow mix and he rarely barks. He will alert me when anything is outside my house though, even a snake (not sure how he knows as he’s normally far from the front door with me but he does) he will growl at someone at the front door however and try to get past the door. He’s very gentle and shy though.

  3. elsie

    My chow don’t like to bath or brush and when he smell something or person that he don’t like then he runs away and bark. It looks like he is afraid. He is a very special dog. He sleep in house with my other small dogs. He don’t like big trucks and hard noises in street. He grow up with the older doggies and he was 9 weeks when I took him. Most people don’t want him. He is now nearly 2 years old.

  4. Tracy

    This explains so much about my rescue dog. He is predominately Labrador, but we never knew what else. He was horribly abused for the first 5 years of his life, the last 7 have been good. He has “issues” – but that may be more Chow traits than Lab traits. He never barks if you forget him outside, he will pace or press his face against the glass. (I wish he’d bark to remind me! he’s so quiet!) He goes crazy over strangers, my pure breed Labradors only did in happy greeting, I can’t get this one to stop barking and be quiet. He dislikes children very much. (again, not sure if this is from prior abuse or not – he dislikes men more than women.) The groomer is the one that noticed the Chow – and asked me about it. I didn’t know, he’s a rescue. She said his fur in the back and tail were very Chow-fur. Yay! We finally know more about our dog. You have explained more.

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