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Chow Temperament

Many Chow owners describe a dog that would die for them, but not eagerly obey them. What you will find with the Chow breed is that they are very affectionate and loyal to all members of the family, but they are very reserved and hesitant with strangers; some Chows accept strangers and other don’t.

Once the Chow becomes attached to her family, they become instinctively protective. Though these dogs stand with pride, beauty, dignity, independence and strong will, they can become serious, stubborn and domineering. Chow Chows demand respect and can lose their temper quite easily. The main thing to remember if you want a Chow is that as an owner you need a great deal of patience.

From an early age you must teach a Chow who the leader is. If you fail to do this, you will create a dog who takes control as boss, and will try to dominate you. However, still they know when to protect their domain, themselves and their master when the time comes.

This breed is popularly used as a guard dog because it is impressively alert and keen. They will resort to violence, but only when needed. For this reason, strangers should be cautiously aware of their actions when around this breed, as one wrong move could trigger an attack.

As you can see, this breed has a low obedience level. So, an owner who is resolute and experienced will do great with this type of dog. These dogs require a lifetime of consistent training, and their demeanor is like that of an independent, free-thinker that is hard to control.

At the same time, Chow Chows can be hostile and passive around other animals, unless they grew up with other types of animals. In fact, this breed may even exert aggression to other animals. As a Chow owner it is your responsibility to remain vigilant and expose your dog to as many different situations from a young age as you can.

In the end, if you socialize, train and treat your Chow Chow as a respected member of the family, then you will have found yourself a wonderful dog who would be willing to die for his owner. If you are considering the Chow for your own home, spend some time getting to know the breed before you run out and get one. They are unique and take a certain kind of person. Yet, if you are that kind of person you can look forward to having a loyal and joyous companion who just wants to be by your side.

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Chow Chow is instinctively protective
Chow Chow can be hostile near people
Chow Chows may be passive around others
Dog will act based on situation
Dog temperament depend on condition

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Chow Chow behavior

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  1. Carol Blessings

    My Chow has all of a sudden turned on me, after snuggling with me earlier in the evening- to growling at me and baring teeth in the night. I awoke to go to bathroom and my chow was sleeping on our couch. I thought how cute and went over to pet him. He has been growling at me ever since. He is perfectly happy with my daughter but hates me now. He will let me hook him out on his run, but every time I try to play with him or pet him he angrily growls at me. I say no, but it doesn’t seem to faze him. I am heartbroken, this has been going on for a week now.. he is 1 years old and he hasn’t been neutered yet. I am also really sick with a cold and my friend says maybe I smell different and he doesn’t recognize me? I need some help, does anyone have any advice?

    • Michelle Huffman

      Get him neutered.

    • Honeyleen soriano

      You know what we have the same problem.i am also a chow chow owner he is now 1 year old and 2 months he just bite me last week while I’m taking him a bath and just yesterday he attacked my son and my husband. We love him so much that’s why we find it hard. Now we cant afford to lose him. Please help me. What should be the right to do? We are afraid now of him and worried for the worst thing to happen. Is there any shelter that would adopt him?

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