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Chow Chow

The Chow Chow is gentle and large dog which is well known for its loyal temperament toward their master. They would not leave their master alone unless they are ordered to leave them. The dog may behave aggressively if there is any stranger around their territory. They, however, could be very nice with others if socialized properly since it is a puppy.

Chow Chow Profile

Chow Chow is very cute and funny. It able to do many things if trained properly. They able to play nicely with other peoples and also get along with another dogs.


Chow Chow commonly has two textures, Smooth and Rough. The coat could be thick and thin. They usually have one or any variations of these colors: Cream, Red, Blue, Black, and Cinnamon. Other common appearance are:

  1. Height at 17 – 20  inches at the shoulder (Could be larger or smaller but usually proportional)
  2. Weight at 45 – 70 pounds – (males could be larger)
  3. Life Expectancy is about 9 until 15 years (with proper treatment they may able to life longer)
  4. Litter Size: 5 – 7 puppies

Personality and Temperament

Chow Chows are independent, keen and intelligent dogs. They able to finish many tasks smartly. Chow Chow Breed Profile cover more information about this dog.

Health Information

Chow Chow is strong and agile dog. However, it also has some health problems. The dog is vulnerable to these disease:

  1. Entropion. The vision of our dog may not as good as it should be.
  2. Canine Glaucoma. It most likely happens if there is increased pressure within the eye.
  3. Juvenile Cataracts. It affect the eye and may cause the dog unable to see things clearly.
  4. Lymphoma
  5. Hip dysplasia
  6. Diabetes Mellitus
  7. Canine Pemphigus
  8. Gastric Cancer


There are several methods to cure the diseases. Most common treatments are:

  1. Medication. It may useful for some diseases.
  2. Surgery. There are two types: Laser and Conventional Surgery. Laser surgery is preferred but conventional surgery may useful under certain conditions.
  3. Valved Shunts and other implants. It is very useful when other methods fail.
  4. Enucleation. Useful to cure glaucoma.
  5. Transplantations.

There could be better alternative than those five treatments above. Always consult it with Professional Health-Care (Doctor) to find the best treatment for the disease. Wrong treatment may cause into bad result.


Chow Chow is charming dog. It could be good-looking dog if groomed properly. They have thick fur which is smooth or rough. The coat needs to be groomed regularly to prevent matting of the undercoat and the lion-like appearance. If you love the dog, just make sure to groom it properly everyday.


Chow Chows need certain amounts of foods to keep them full and happy. It is recommended to give high quality nutrient foods to keep them stay healthy. Chow Chow should eat twice daily with proportional foods. How much foods needed depend on Age, Metabolism, Size etc.


Chow Chow which has purple or blue-black tongue is believed to live in Northern China more than 2000 years ago. It popular by the name of Songshi Quan which translated as puffy-lion dog. In ancient era, Chow Chow was used as Hunting Dog due to its strength and brilliant hunting tactics. Today, the dog is suitable as stylish pet and nice guard dog.


Chow Chow is an excellent dog which already exist more than 2000 years ago. It has purple or blue-black tongue and able to interact with others if socialized properly. Chow Chow required daily grooming and nutritious foods twice each days. The dog is vulnerable to several diseases and need good treatment to cure its health problems.

Socializing your Chow Chow

Little Puppy

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Why is a Chows Tongue Purple

Purple Chow Chow dog tongue

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