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Chow Chow Puppy

Chow Chow Puppy is little dog which is so small and cute. It has various color and has so cute appearance. It is so funny to watch their activities.

What is Chow Chow Puppy

It is little dog which enjoy playing all the times and doing so much funny activities. We would be happy just by looking at it. The dog is so small and very cute. They only think two simple things, to play with anyone or any stuffs around it and to eat the food when they get hungry. If anyone ask me, when is the unforgettable moment for you and your dog, I would say “I could not forget the times when the dog is still a puppy and has cute appearance”.


Little Chow is always willing to play and stay with their owner. The dog is just like as little kid who need our attention and will do everything to get our attention. Most of them would follow their owner wherever they go. Sometime the little pet is so active that make the owner so busy to play with them. We recommend any owner to play with Chow Chow puppy at least once a day. It is recommended to play with it by using safe material that will make the dog happy and smarter at the same times.


Chow Chow Puppy would enjoy walking, running and following their owner wherever they go. They sometimes scratch their fur and licking their paw. This is an unforgettable moment for every owner. The way they walk and running is so cute and funny. At least, that is what I thought at this moment.

Little Chow Chow Puppy
Chow Chow Puppy in different types and Colors

How to Grow it

Little puppy is so funny but we couldn’t keep it small forever. The dog will grow up and it will turn into great pet in future. To turn it into mature dog, we have to feed and take good care of it as good as possible. When the dog is mature enough and turn into independent dog, the owner only need to keep train and feed it as usual. Sufficient food and Good Treatment is the key to grow little Chow Chow Puppy.

Food for Puppy

The puppy need food and the owner should understand what kind of food is suitable for the puppy. Before we explain the best food for the puppy, we would like to explain the worst food for the dog first. Here are few of them:

  1. The Puppy should not eat Cooked Meal.Cooked Meal would only give bad effect to our lovely puppy. Cooked meal might be good for other pets but it will affect the dog negatively. It will make the dog unhealthy because the stomach and the part of it were not designed to process cooked meal.
  2. Do not give high Protein food.High protein food will increase blood pressure. When blood pressure increased, the puppy may get bad skin infection and the hotspots will show up in many areas of the body. This is very bad condition.

As the owner, We have to be selective in choosing the right food. Don’t choose Dog Food just because it is expensive and other peoples said it is good for their dogs. Do not buy affordable food if it has bad effect to the dog. The cost to cure the disease is far too high then the cost to give the right food. So, what is the right food for Chow Chow Puppy:

  1. Give Raw FoodIt is best to give Chow Chow puppy raw and hygiene foods. The foods will make the dog healthy and the stomach will process the food easily and safely. Dog’s stomach is designed to process raw food and that is why we suggest the owner to only give raw foods for their pets.
  2. Give Low Protein Food.As what we have explained above, Low Protein food will make the puppy happy and stay healthy. There are many low protein foods available in local pets store. Alternatively, Big Brands such as Purina and other companies already sold the food online. Other product like as Wellness, Taste of the Wild, Holistic Select, Blue Buffalo, Natural Balance and Canidae are good choice for everyone.

It is important to choose the right food because the food affect the healthy of the dog.

Little Chow Puppies
Little Chow Chow Puppies which are so active and ready to play with their owners.

Treatment for Puppy

If it is possible, Clean the dog twice a day (depend on the condition).


Little puppy should be trained to do few simple things. This training will build the dog into great and good dog. The best training for the puppy is by playing with it.

Play with it

The first thing to do to train the dog is by playing with it. All Puppy love to play with their owner. The dog would not know if they are being trained. What they know is they really enjoy playing with their lovely owner. It sound good to play with little puppy isn’t it? Playing and at the same time make the dog even smarter and better sound like good idea.

Little Chow Dog
This is little chow in various activities


Little Chow has various color from black, yellow, white and other popular color.


There so many types for Chow Chow Puppies. Few of them are Panda, Lion, White and Bear type. The types actually come from the appearance and has nothing to do with the natural breeds.


Always take care of it with passion and good treatment. Its fur maybe needed to be checked regularly and should be cleaned everyday.

Chow Chow Little Puppy

The puppy is very cute - 100%
It has various unique colors - 100%
Available in black, yellow and white colors - 100%
Has various types - 100%
Lion, White and Bear type are so cute - 100%
It require good treatment - 100%
The puppy is so easy to train - 100%
Raw meal make them happy and healthy - 100%
Dry foods is more preferred for them - 100%
Low protein food will make them healthier - 100%
Clean it everyday - 100%


Puppy Chow Chow

The review is about Chow Chow Puppy. This review is based on Appearance, Behavior and how to grow it. The puppy has various colors and stay active all the day.

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