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Chow Chow as Good Family Dog

If we were about to get a good family dog, it is best to choose the right one. Chow Chow may not the right dog for everyone but it could be a good family dog for almost everyone. Chow Chow is just like another dog, if we could raise it properly, it could be great family dog for everyone in our family.

Family Dog

A family dog is a friendly dog which is capable to be a great family member. It should be easy to trains, patient with kids, smart and the most important things: human friendly.

Characteristics of good family dogs

For some people, having family dog is another great moment in their live. The dog is not just a pet, it also part of the family. That is why it is important to choose the right dog to be part of the family. Here are few opinions which may useful to help everyone choose the right dog:

  1. Loyal. The dog should be loyal to whole family member.
  2. Playful and Energetic. It is nice to have a dog which like to play and always full of energy.
  3. Patient and Calm. The dog should be patient with all family member, especially kids.
  4. Intelligent. A smart dog would learn many things faster plus they would be able to perform many useful tricks.
  5. Friendly and easy to handle. A human friendly dog is preferred by most of our reader.

Keep Family dog healthy and happy

It is important to keep the dog always happy and healthy. There are few things we can do to keep healthy and happy at the same times.

  1. Only serve healthy foods. There are few types of foods: Canned Food, Dry Food, Food Pouches, Food Toppers, Fresh Food and Frozen Food. Few examples of them are BLUE Wilderness, Purina, Simply Nourish, Nutro, Instinct Raw, Acana, etc. They are available in many online pet stores including Ebay, Amazon and Pet Food.
  2. Check their healthy everyday
  3. Groom them regularly

Chow Chow as family Dog

Chow Chow is actually a smart and quite protective dog breed. It basically is a Loyal, Protective and Loveable dog. It could be a good dog for all family members if raised properly. What it needs is good training and proper socialization. Here are few ideas to make Chow Chow as good family dog:

  1. Socialize it as soon as possible. Without proper socialization, Chow chow would be Anti Social and Aggressive. While its protective instincts could be great help in some situations, it also could lead to disaster if the dog become very protective. Chow Chow need to learn many things and we could help it by socialize it since it is a puppy.
  2. Train it properly. Training will make them able to do many things and lower their temperament. Most Chow Chow will become patient and lovely dog with good training and socialization.
  3. Handle it carefully. The dog need to be handled carefully. Grooming is an activity which should be done regularly.
  4. Keep it healthy. It is recommended to have enough supply of foods and medicine for Chow Chow.

Is Chow Chow good family dog?

Chow chow
Chow Chow sleeping

It depend on the dog itself and also on the environment where it lives. If the dog is raised properly, groomed regularly and trained also socialized carefully, it could be good family dog for all family member. However, for everyone who never had any dog before, we recommend to get another less aggressive and protective dog breeds. Anyone who never had any experience in handling dog is not recommended to raise Chow Chow either.

Chow Chow is gentle, loyal and charming dog but they also stubborn and lazy. Most of our readers said it is the best family dog they ever had. However, we have our own opinion. it depend on us, the owner to train it to be a great family dog. There is dog breeds which are easy to train and there are also another dog breeds which are not so easy to train. Chow Chow is a dog breed which require lots of training and socialization to become a great family member. We always believe Chow Chow could be good family member as long as the owner understand what they need to do to raise it properly.

Best Family Dog

Everyone has their own formula to choose the best family dog for their family. They may choose Bulldog because they are sturdy. Others may choose Beagle because it is energetic and friendly. Bull Terrier could be good choice because it is calm and intelligent. Collie is popular dog capable to make human happy. Newfoundland is suitable dog for children. Vizsla is quiet and gentle dog. Irish Setter is playful and energetic dog. Poodle is also smart and gentle dog. Labrador Retriever is quite popular dog breed for family. Golden Retriever is also widely chosen as family dog. So, why should we choose Chow Chow if there are already so many dog breeds to choose from.

If you ask me, there is no secret formula to choose the best family dog. In my opinion, no dog breeds are worse or better than the others. I do believe we just need to choose the right dog to get the best family dog. So, it actually come to simple conclusion, even the most protective dog breeds could be a good family member if we could get the right dog. Just remember, each dog is different even if they are in the same breeds. Choose the right dog, train it properly and do socialize it. That’s the simple formula which is work for most people.

Chow Chow as family dog

Chow Chow is good family dog
It is loyal and and playful
A family dog should be trained properly
Chow Chow need Socialization
A good family dog should be kid friendly
It should be patient and calm
Family dog need healthy foods
Check their health regularly
No dog breeds are worse or better
What it needs is training and socialization

Good Family dog

There are lots of dog breeds which could be great family dog. Chow Chow is one of them. It is loyal, smart and playful dog which is suitable for all family member. Due to its high protective instincts, Chow Chow have to to be socialized and trained properly before it could be called as good family member.

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