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Chow Chow as Apartment Dog

An apartment dog is a nice looking dog which is suitable for apartment life. Some dog breeds are well-known for their adaptation to live in an apartment or condo while the rest of them only suitable to live in wide-open spaces only..

Chow Chow as an apartment dog

Could we imagine having an active dog which is dominant and protective in nature such as Chow Chow in an apartment? The answer is yes, it is possible (but not recommended). Every dog have their own instinct and this is why not all dog are recommended to live in short and closed spaces. Chow chow love wide-open spaces as their favorite environment. However, what make Chow Chow really hard to live in apartment is the fact they are really protective and may aggressive to the stranger. An apartment dog would deal with lots of peoples and it mean Chow Chow would meet lots of stranger in their daily activities. They will start barking all the times and it may disturb peoples around us.

Surely there is always a solution to overcome the problem. Chow Chow is smart dog that will learn quite fast. As the owner, we should start socializing our puppies with lots of peoples. Bring the puppies to local town square and let other people touch it. By doing it regularly there is great chance our dog would be happy to interact with lots of peoples. It didn’t completely change our dog as permissive type. Chow chow would stay as protective dog but it may tolerate many things. The key is to make the dog able to interact with lots of peoples as soon as possible.

Is it possible to make Chow Chow as best apartment dog?

Yes it is possible but we should understand Chow Chow actually is a dog which is designed to live in wide-open spaces. It is up to the owner to train their dog as good as possible. With proper training, it is possible to make chow chow as best apartment dog.

Is Chow Chow actually a good apartment dogs?

Chow chowYes and no. I do apology to say if the dog actually isn’t a good type as an apartment dog. Chow chow is protective dog which is loyal to the owner and the whole family. The dog didn’t like any stranger and that is more than enough to give us impression if the dog may not qualify as a good apartment dog. However, there is always positive side story as well. Having a dog which is loyal and able to interact with lots of people is a dream of dog owner. Chow chow is a funny dog and able to adapt perfectly with situation. Chow chow could be a good apartment dog if it is well trained and able to interact with anyone in the environment. While most peoples think your neighbor may start hates you for raising a Chow chow in an apartment, the fact may differ a lot. Your dog will make them smile and laughing while watching your dog playing with lots of stuffs.

Training Chow Chow to be an apartment dog

Apartment provides special environment for pets. Dog whom the usual habitat is in wide-areas need to learn many things to adapt with the new environment. It is necessary to train the dog to love their new places and able to interact with another peoples and their pets. Despite being protective and somewhat aggressive dog, Chow Chow could be social dog which always make people smile and able to play with another kind of pets.

Training Chow Chow to be an Apartment dog is not easy but it is somewhat not too difficult. It is recommended to consult with an expert before doing this. However, as pet owner, we could get more info on how to train the dog to live in apartment by asking anyone whom living in apartment and raising Chow chow.

Chow chow could learn many things during it’s life. Here are few general ideas to train the dog to live in an apartment:

  1. Train Chow Chow to be less aggressive
    Apartment actually is not suitable environment for Chow chow but the dog has the ability to adapt with any places. To make Chow chow less aggressive, always bring the dog to any areas with lots of peoples. Always do that since it was a cute puppy to build personality. Train the dog to interact with other peoples and let them touch it.
  2. Socialize the dog with another animals. Introduce it with another pets especially dog since it was puppy. It would make Chow chow able to interact with other animal and think them as friends.
  3. Train the dog some simple but attractive style. Teach Chow Chow to bow and play dead. Both of the skills will make the dog love the owner and will make other peoples smile. Based on experience, Chow Chow will be less aggressive after they learnt lots of skills. It is just a rumor but the truth is, the interaction between dog and owner make Chow chow to be an active and loyal dog. It is up to the owner to make Chow chow as familiar or protective type. Owner should bring Chow chow walking around the apartment and ask the dog to show off the skills. Other peoples would love the dog and Chow chow would recognize them as good people. I remember a dog owner ever said “Don’t blame the dog if it is aggressive. It is up to the people to build their personality”.
  4. Give best treatment for the dog. If it is possible, give them the best nutritious foods and shelter. Use proper crate tools and make sure it always healthy. There are lots of crate tools especially designed for Chow chow.

While four general ideas above may works in helping Chow chow to live in apartment, it is necessary to understand if each dog need different treatment/training.


Here are few interesting facts about Chow Chow as apartment dog:

  1. Chow Chow may not the best apartment dog but it is actually could live perfectly in apartment. Chow chow actually love wide-open areas and thus make it not suitable as apartment dog. However, if we could socialize it perfectly, it could live in apartment very well.
  2. Any aggressive and protective dog actually is not recommended as apartment dog. Chow chow without doubt is an excellent protective dog. Unfortunately, it also quite aggressive and make it not suitable as apartment dog. Aggressive type tend to bark a lot whenever they meet stranger.
    To overcome the situation, always socialize the dog as soon as possible since it is a puppy.
  3. There are another types which are suitable as apartment dog. If you really wish to raise Chow Chow in an apartment, make sure to socialize and train it as good as possible.
  4. It is possible to make Chow Chow as good apartment dog with proper training.
  5. Chow Chow that live in apartment may become so lazy that they need to be dragged out for a walk.

To summarize everything, Chow Chow actually is a great dog which able to live in an apartment. However, protective type such as Chow Chow may barking a lot and cause trouble. With proper socialization and training, Chow Chow could make an excellent apartment dog.

Review Overview

Chow chow could be good apartment dog
It is possible to train Chow chow as apartment dog
There are many types of apartment dogs
Socialization and training are recommended
Chow chow basically love wide-open spaces
Socialization will make Chow Chow less aggressive
Chow Chow is protective type
It also very aggresive
It will bark to stranger
Some Chow Chow are so lazy while living in apartment

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