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Cute Chow Dog Walking in Town Park
Cute Chow Chow puppy

Benefits of Crate Training

Aside from early and proper socialization, another thing your dog can greatly benefit from is crate training. Veterinarians and professional dog trainers have agreed for some time now that this is one of the easiest and fastest ways to mold desirable traits in your dog.

What’s a Dog Crate?

A dog crate can be made from collapsible metal or plastic, and should be just big enough for your Chow Chow to stand up and turn around. A crate makes a great place for your dog when you are away from the home or when no one is available to supervise the dog. Your dog will come to view its crate as its sanctuary and bed.

Benefits of Crate Training

Dog owners find crate training beneficial for many reasons including:

  • Safety and security for the dog
  • It makes house training easier
  • Prevents the dog from engaging in destructive behavior
  • Wonderful tools during times of travel
  • Prevents the dog from developing some types of bad habits
  • Helps the dog associate elimination with outside
  • A crate is portable enough that your dog can be confined and still involved in certain activities, rather than being left alone

In the end, just keep in mind that dogs are extremely social animals, so they need to be indoors most of the time; this includes those times when you are away from the home and sleeping. Crate training your Chow will allow you to safely leave the dog inside the home while you are away. Dogs that are left outside for extended periods of time can develop behaviors like barking, digging, jumping fences and chewing; crates prevent this. So, when you use a crate properly and humanely, they make for great tools that provide benefits to both you and your dog.

Review Overview

Dog crate usually created from metal or plastic
It should bigger than the dog
It useful when owner are away from the home
It useful when no one available to supervise the dog
Prevent the dog from developing bad habits
Crate training should be portable
Crate training is very effective
Training using dog crate is easy and fun
Dog may learn to stand and walk
It is safe to train using dog crate

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How to train Chow Chow using dog crate

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