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Grooming a Chow

Grooming Chow Chows

When it comes to fur, few dogs have more than a Chow Chow. Therefore, if you own one or are considering one – you must fully understand the grooming obligations that are required. The following information will give you an overview and useful tips on how to groom your Chow dog. Brief Overview The Chow’s thick fur is made-up of …

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How to Clicker Train a Dog

Train your dog

All dogs can benefit from clicker training, regardless of the breed. The fact of the matter is that dogs need a duty, and they need to understand who is in control. If you begin at a young age, you can teach your Chow respect very easy; clicker training is just another tool to make the process easier – at every …

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Juvenile Cataracts in Chow Chows

Chow Chow Dog Cataract

Juvenile cataracts are a common problem among many breeds of dogs, including Chows. Cataracts can be caused by heredity, toxins, trauma, infection, or diabetes. Breeders can eradicate the chances of juvenile cataracts by having both parents tested within one year of breeding. There are two types of juvenile cataracts which are of the dissolving or non-dissolving type. Cataracts of the …

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Socializing your Chow Chow

Little Puppy

The most important part of training your new Chow is proper socialization. The truth is that given the nature of the breed, socialization is the key to a happy and healthy dog. Just keep in mind that given the breed’s reputation, it is important to socialize your Chow so it is completely reliable, open and friendly to strangers. A Chow …

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Supplements every Chow Chow Should Take

Chow Chows bark a lot

Experts in the dog world are torn as to whether or not dogs need supplements, but more and more vets are agreeing there are some supplements every dog can benefit from taking; and the Chow Chow is no stranger to this rule. The following information will provide you with five supplements every Chow Chow should take regularly. Multi-vitamin In the …

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Types of Dog Training Collars

Cute Chow Dog Walking in Town Park

Chows can require a great deal of training, that is if your dog isn’t too stubborn to comply; as we all know these wonderful teddy bears can be sometimes. Yet, when it comes to training, there are many methods you can try. One such method is through the use of different training collars. The following information will look at some …

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Why is a Chows Tongue Purple

Purple Chow Chow dog tongue

One of the great debates of the dog world has always involved the color of the Chow’s tongue. Many people ask why the Chinese Chow Chow and Shar-Pei both have purple tongues, but other breeds do not; the answer to this question is not simple or known for a fact. What is known is that the Chow is a very …

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